Opening meeting after Spring Festival 2017


In the morning of Feb. 4th, Changlong held the opening meeting after Spring Festival for summary and commendation. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including Mr. Wu Pingfang (Chairman of Furuise Group, Changlong’s parent company), Mr. Huangfeng (G.M of the Group), management of the subsidiary companies, core team members, and the representatives of Outstanding Employee of 2016.



In the meeting, Mr. Huang Feng, G.M of the Group, made a summary of the work in 2016 and a report of the developing plans in 2017. The summary mainly reviewed the company situation: The management model of conglomeration with high efficiency has been formed preliminarily; New technologies will improve product reliability, and new product will lead a steady sales increasing of the subsidiaries. G.M Huang required all subsidiary to focus on the developing plans, make the schedule in advance, initiate and implement the plans as early as possible. The global & domestic market is expected to revival in 2017. All the staff need to work hard and make united efforts to achieve the company’s developing goals, thereby to improve the personal value and company value. Group company commended the annual outstanding employee ceremoniously. On the meeting, Changlong signed the performance target agreement of 2017 with the group company. 



In the end, Mr. Wu Pinfang, the Chairman of the Group, laid out the plans about the strategic targets of 2017. He pointed out that the subsidiary company needed to ensure the return on net assets, fully use the new management system of the joint-venture, adjust the business structure and innovate new product mode, to make a solid foundation for Furuise Group's development in the next 3 years. In the new year , Furuise's staff will follow the strategies, make every effort, release all potential ability, take full advantages, to achieve the goal “Furuise of Ten billion” during the 13th Five Year Plan!

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