LNG Bunkering Arm

Category:LNG Bunkering Loading Arm


Date:2017/01/17 12:00:00


LNG Bunkering arm is the facility installed on the jetty or pontoon, applied to vessel bunkering. It achieves the hard link between the base station and the receiving ship. The safety devices are designed to guarantee the loading process safety. LNG bunkering arm is comprised of liquid arm and vapor arm. Liquid arm is for medium transferring, while vapor arm is for BOG gas recycling to reach gas liquid equilibrium. Bunkering arm can be moved flexibly in the working scope by swivel joints. The four-bar counterweight mechanism can make the arm balanced at any point easily. Break-away valves are installed in liquid arm and vapor arm, which will break away with the ship automatically when the ship drifts out of the working area.

ERC is installed in the front of outboard arm, which can release automatically in case of emergence;
Braking system is installed in the outboard and inboard arm, which will brake immediately after emergent release.
The structure is more convenient for seal replacement and reparation.

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