LNG Truck Loading Arm

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Date:2016/02/28 12:00:00

LNG truck loading arm is applied to the loading & unloading of cryogenic LNG, widely used in peak regulation and LNG terminals. It is made of stainless steel 316L by special cryogenic welding technology. Its key component—swivel joint, adopts aerospace technology for the design, which avoids the leakage leaded by the seal damage. So far, we have got “ZERO” leakage for all our LNG Truck Loading Arm.
Main Technological Features:
Changlong's special design ensures the seal of swivel joint can be replaced easily at site. The global LNG loading arm manufacturers face a problem that the steel ball is difficult be taken out during the seal replacement. The swivel joint has to be sent to the factory for seal replacement or repair with special tools. 
Reasonable design of nitrogen purging system avoid nitrogen pipe block, which may cause swivel joint frozen.
ew design changes 3’ reduced bore valve to 2’ full bore valve, which reduces the valve weight greatly and the balance torque of secondary arm, and makes the operation easier.Simplified spring balance system provides better balance for secondary arm, and also more convenient maintenance and recycle.


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