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Date:2017/02/28 12:00:00

LNG loading skid is an integrated solution for the LNG tank truck loading & unloading, which is comprised of controller, pipelines system, detecting and control instruments. The pipelines system includes liquid pipe, vapor pipe, recycle pipe, liquid collecting pipe and nitrogen pipe. Every pipe is controlled by an individual valve (manual or automatic valve, depends on the site condition), through which the operator can control the LNG loading & unloading job easily.

LNG loading skid integrates many detecting & control instruments, including the flow meter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, static electricity detector, ESD switch, etc. The controller can detect the pipeline status through the meters, and make proper action accordingly to ensure the safety and success of the whole loading process.

Main Technology Features:
Explosion-proof box, safe and reliable;
Large screen displays the whole working process clearly and directly;
16 magnetic-control keyboard, complete insulated from the box, which is safe and convenient;
RS485 interface communicable with MODBUS RTU protocol;
Manual mode and IC Card mode convertible for monitoring;
Controller connected with IC Card reader, easy for connecting confirmation online;
Detailed operation guide during the process;
PLC is applied to monitoring the terminal equipment;
By controlling the solenoid valves of the liquid pipe, vapor pipe, liquid collection pipe and nitrogen pipe, the loading process could be controlled automatically;
Maximum 3 sets of ESD switch signals could be connected with inter-lock alarm;
The signal of static detection switch could be connected with inter-lock alarm;
Two sets of reset switch signal of the loading arms could be connected with inter-lock alarm;
Maximum 3 sets of temperature signals and 3 pressure signals could be displayed with inter-lock alarm;
Adopt progress bar to indicate the loading process, which is direct and simple.

LNG loading skid metering system is an integrated solution for the LNG tank truck loading & unloading. The whole system is installed within a frame of 2.5m*2.5m*5.5m. It is comprised of liquid pipe, vapor pipe, nitrogen pipe, liquid collecting pipe, instrument air pipe and LNG loading arm. The flow meters, pressure valves and process control valves are integrated in the pipelines system. The gasification device is specially designed for the unloading work. After gasifying the LNG collected from the liquid pipe, this device can supply high pressure natural gas, which supplies continuous pressure for uploading system. All instruments are controlled by PLC system. The CPU will execute the loading/unloading program according to the designed logic sequence. The whole system is of compact structure, clear logic, small dimension and safe design. It indicates the future direction for LNG loading & unloading work

PLC logic control system implements the control, monitoring, presetting and test for whole loading process.

Main Functions:
Monitoring the metering of the LNG loading/unloading;
Flow rate control;
Pressure and temperature test and control;
Dynamic display of the loading process, parameters and facilities status;
Remote control of the valves, pump, etc; setting and modifying the parameters online;
Alarm and record for abnormal conditions;
Connect with the owner's existing system through communication protocol to achieve unified management for all the production information.

Adopt the aerospace cryogenic technologies of China;
Loading & unloading is available for both sides of the truck;
Centralized display for the PG, TIT, and PIT;
The swivel joint adopts the dynamic seal technology applied to liquid hydrogen, which avoids deformation or damage to the seal surface;
Test system for truck connection can be added into the loading arm system, which can improve the safety;
Key components are imported of top brand.

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