Dual LNG Loading Skid

Category:Dual LNG Loading Arm


Date:2017/02/28 12:00:00

Based on the loading skid system of Generation I and II, Changlong developed the General III product as per customer demand and the diverse working environment. The new product has more compact and reasonable structure, better adaptability for working environment, easier operation and better cost performance. Besides, compared with previous product, new product can reduce nearly half investment and workload, and save about 35% space. This creative product changes the design concept of the loading skid with single arm, fill the gap of the industry.


Product Features:

1 Explosion-proof housing, safe and reliable;

2 Large screen displays the whole working process clearly and directly;

3 16 magnetic-control keyboard, complete insulated from the box, which is safe and convenient;

4 RS485 interface communicable with MODBUS RTU protocol;

5 Manual mode and IC Card mode convertible for monitoring;

6 Controller connected with IC Card reader, easy for connecting confirmation;

7 Detailed operation guide during the process;

8 PLC is applied to monitoring the terminal equipment;

9 By controlling the solenoid valves of the liquid pipe, vapor pipe, liquid collection pipe and nitrogen pipe, the  loading process could be controlled automatically;

10 Maximum 3 sets of ESD switch signals could be connected with inter-lock alarm;

11 The signal of static detection switch could be connected with inter-lock alarm;

12 Two sets of reset switch signal of the loading arms could be connected with inter-lock alarm;

13 Maximum 3 sets of temperature signals and 3 pressure signals could be displayed with inter-lock alarm;

154Adopt progress bar to indicate the loading process, which is direct and simple.

Technical Parameters:

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